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Who else gets so fucking bored at work that you pop into the bathroom to take nudes… yeah I call them bathroom nudes to share. My workplace is pretty slow and Im on my cellphone chatting with hot men on snapchat and when they want to see my tits I take a naked selfie on snapchat. Girls need to get the fuck over themselves and start sharing more naked selfies… like seriously what is the harm is getting topless or flashing boobs for hot guys all over the world. Seriously when a skinny teen can flash big tits at work why can’t I do the same in the restroom

Dick Dolls Review

Shemale Porn Games: DickDolls Review!

Wanna know a few of my favorite things? Probably not, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I love online gaming, hot chicks, and huge dicks, so when I was asked to review a 3D game about shemales fucking each other every which way I was more than happy to oblige. My obsession with shemales started early on when I started getting obsessed with Hentai and discovered the ever-glorious Futa porn. For those of you who aren’t into Hentai, Futa is basically shemale hentai porn and it’s hot as fuck. Once I got into that it was a slippery slope and suddenly I was watching all the shemale porn I could get my hands on, Futa or otherwise.
Suffice it to say, I’ve played a lot of TS porn games before so I know what I’m talking about, and in my vast tranny porn gaming experience, I can tell you Dick Dolls is the best of the best. I can always tell if a game is good because after I’m done reviewing it I want to keep playing over and over again. I can tell you I have played Dick Dolls at least ten times since I started my review and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

The Basics of Shemale Porn Games

DickDolls is a TS sex simulator game that lets you fuck and be fucked by the hottest shemales you’ve ever seen in your life. You can choose a single-player or multi-player depending on what your mood is, and there are a lot of other customizable options as well so you get the exact porn gaming experience you’re looking for. They give you the option to be the giver or the receiver, and you get to choose your DickDoll. You can choose to fuck Justine – a sexy, short-haired blonde with blue eyes, massive tits, and perfect little pink nipples – or you can fuck Christie, a blue-eyed brunette with a tight little body and a massive, rock- hard throbbing cock she can’t wait to slap you across the face with if you step out of line.
When you sign on to play this game you are first taken to a site called FreeAdultRPG.com. Sign up here first to get access to DickDolls and thousands of other super-hot adult porn games. It’s free to join, and you can play any game on the site you want without ever having to buy anything. The VIP membership is great though because in addition to getting unlimited access to the huge content library, you also get access to live nude model webcams and you get the chance to hook up with other horny players should you ever want some skin-on-skin contact. I didn’t spring for VIP this time, but I just might because I’d love to fuck another gamer every now and then. I mean, I love jerking it to sex games on the daily, but every now and then my hand needs a rest. A man can only give himself a “stranger” so many times before he starts to run the risk of developing carpal tunnel. It’s all about my health, really.

Best of The Shemale Porn Games at DickDolls

I know I already said this, but the DickDolls are hot as fuck. I also really like the fact you can play the games without having to download anything, and you get unlimited mobile access to the 1000s of games on the site with the free membership. The site also has new games being added daily so you’ll never find yourself without new content to check out. While chicks with dicks happen to be my favorite category, they also offer everything else under the sun like adventure porn games, busty, MILF, Teen, and anything else you could ever want. You literally will never run out of new games to play as long as you are a member of the site. Some of my favorites are Fucked Up School, Mutant Orgy, Prison Sluts, and Grand Fuck Auto which is basically like the real thing but with more cumshots. Another favorite is The Hard Knight Rises, which I had no intention of playing until I read this description: See if you have the speed to chase down the Joker. Get the girl and begin to poke her.” I mean, the game basically sells itself at that point.

In terms of DickDolls, this game has spectacular, beautifully realistic graphics that show every little detail of the shemales you want to blow a load to. And because you can choose if you are the giver or receiver, it’s easy to switch things up every time you play. So far I’ve fucked and been fucked by both DickDolls and enjoyed every single minute of it. It’s definitely worth it if you are a free member, but still worth it if you are shelling out the $39.95 a month for a VIP membership in my opinion when you think about how much content you are getting and the fact you can meet other people you can fuck later.

DickDolls Is A Game For Adults Only

They ask a lot of questions before you are able to play the game, and they make you enter a valid credit card to verify you are over the age of 18. I hate entering my credit card information anywhere, even if it is for the purpose of playing an online porn game, but I get that it’s a necessary evil if you wanna keep people out who shouldn’t be there. And for what it’s worth, they never charged my card so it’s fine.

Final Thoughts on Shemale Porn Games

DickDolls could very easily be the best shemale porn games I’ve ever played. I got off to this game so many times I probably really did give myself carpel tunnel, but it was totally worth it. Especially when you consider the fact you don’t only get access to Dick Dolls, but to thousands of other adult porn games as well. If you’re into TS adult porn games and have never checked out futa porn, by the way, they also offer an extensive collection of Hentai games with lots of focus on the ever-glorious futa.

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